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  Travel insurance
  Travel assistance 
  Emergency card and pin
  Limit increase    

  Unlimited access to the lounges with
  the possibility of bringing one guest for 

Terms & Conditions


                World Elite

  Travel insurance
  Travel assistance
  Emergency card and pin
  Limit increase
  Pre-travel information
  Retrieval and re-routing of luggage
  World Signia Concierge Service

  Unlimited access to the lounges with
  the possibility of bringing two guests for

Terms & Conditions

              Priority Pass

  In addition to the MasterCard of your  
  Gives you access to over 600 airport 
  lounges worldwide
  The Priority Pass App gives you
  the possibility to locate the nearest  
  lounge with the 'Find nearest Lounge'

Terms & Conditions Gold MasterCard

MasterCard Assistance 

For assistance, you can contact these service numbers 24/7
Card Blocking
SIX PAYMENT SERVICES(Europe)    +352 49 10 10
Travel Assistance   
Gold & Platinum                           +45 45 12 91 00

World Elite                                  +352 24 87 16 90


What is Contactless payment?

Contactless is the latest payment technology. It allows you to pay without swiping or inserting your card to the terminal - making it quicker to pay for smaller, everyday purchases.

How does it work?

1. Contactless is automatically activated once you have completed your first Chip & PIN transaction either at a Poin of Sale terminal or at an ATM.
2. Contactless payments can be made in shops worldwide wherever you see the Contactless symbol. 
2. You can make purchases of approximately 25,00 € and under, without having to enter your PIN. Please note that the maximum value per transaction can vary from country to country.
3. The retailer will enter the amount and, once you confirm it is correct, you simply tap your card on the terminal when it is presented to you.
4. Once the point of sale terminal confirms your payment, the transaction is complete. You may ask the retailer for a receipt.

Secure payments

For security reasons, occasionally you will be asked to insert the card into a terminal and enter your PIN  to complete a transaction, even for amounts smaller than 25,00 €. 

Your new MasterCard will be enhanced with 3D Secure, which helps protect you from unauthorized online purchases.


Why activate 3D Secure?
  •           Maximum security with minimal fuss
  •           Easy and convenient to use
  •           It is Free

You will not be able to complete a transaction on a site which is registered for MasterCard SecureCode until you have activated 3D Secure.

How to activate 3D Secure on your new MasterCard

There are two ways to activate 3D Secure.

1. Click on the link below:
Activate 3D Secure
2. Activate the first time you make an online payment with your new MasterCard on a 3D Secure website.

For any assistance, please call Client Services on:
+352 46 12 400 (Monday-Friday 8:30 - 17:00)

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