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We will contact you within 24 hours on weekdays.

If you call us by phone, or we call you by phone at your request or to follow up on your inquiry, phone conversations may be recorded and stored due to documentation and security purposes. If we talk with you about investment services, we are obliged to record and store our telephone conversation

Danske Bank International

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​Danske Bank International
13, rue Edward Steichen
L-2540 Luxembourg

Danske Bank International
P.O. Box 173
L-2011 Luxembourg

08.30-17.00 CET, business days


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VAT number


+352 46 12 75 1
+352 46 12 75 400

+352 47 30 78




Technical support
Monday-Thursday              08.00-21.00
Friday                              08.00-18.00
Saturday                          10.00-18.00
Sunday                            10.00-21.00

Client Services

Business days                   08.30-17.00 (CET) 

+352 46 12 75 550



+352 46 12 75 400

Mastercard contacts

Client Services
For queries related to your account or cash/credit limits
(business days 08.30-17.00 CET)

Mastercard Assistance

For assistance and enquiries, please call Mastercard Assistance 
  • Press 1 for lost, stolen or damaged Mastercard
  • Press 2 for travel insurance assistance
  • Press 3 for acute illness while travelling abroad
  • Press 4 for any other query World Elite Mastercard Concierge Service

+352 46 12 75 400


+352 46 12 75 551


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