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In many aspects of life we seek the advice of experts to help us achieve a better outcome. When it comes to making more from our money and achieving what really matters, quality personal advice can make a real difference. As a Danske Private Banking client, you will have direct contact with your own investment adviser. 

Investment strategy tailored to your needs

To protect and increase your wealth, you need a clear investment strategy. We always begin with a 360º view to map out your current situation, your priorities and any plans you might have. Together with you, we will set up an investment strategy that will ensure the best match of your investments with your experience and knowledge of investments as well as your goals with respect to your expected return and risk.

Flexible asset management solutions

We offer a wide range of attractive investment products and customised services. It is up to you to decide whether you want to leave the work to us, be your own portfolio manager or somewhere in between.  

Team of Investment Specialists
- to guide you and keep you up to date

Along with your International Private Banker, our team of Investment Specialists is always available to guide you through our vast range of investment products and help you take decisions.
We will carefully monitor the financial markets and the general economic trends and developments and alert you to any important events that you may be able to benefit from. In other words, you can spend your time on other – perhaps more important – things.

Discretionary Portfolio Management - We
 invest for you
If you prefer to spend your time doing other things than managing your investments, Discretionary Portfolio Management may be just what you need.
  • Your investments will be actively managed by portfolio advisers who monitor your security holdings and make sure you always have the optimal portfolio composition. This saves you time and gives you the assurance of knowing that your investments are in good hands.
Investing your funds in both bonds and equities provides both stability and the potential of a higher return. You can choose between three different solutions, depending on your investment horizon and your appetite for risk.
Advisory Investment Service - We can work together
You can always decide to let us work with you in managing your investments. Advisory Investment Service lets you make your own investment decisions while also being able to draw upon our expertise.
  • We will advise you on the financial market and proactively make recommendations in line with your investment strategy.

Custody Accounts
You can also choose to have an electronic account via eBanking and manage your investments yourself. 

  • The custody account allows you to view your account and trade securities yourself at any time.

Portfolio Loan Concept

  • A credit line can be offered for trading purposes


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Structured Note Programme

DB Europe Autocallable in NOK 2020
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DB Lazard Autocallable 2020
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DB Exxon Mobil Autocallable 2020
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DB Bank of America Autocallable 2020
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DB Harley-Davidson Autocallable 2020

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DB European High Yield II in USD 2020

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DB European High Yield in USD 2020
About the note - Publication

DB Europe Autocallable 2020

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DB US High Yield 2019 - American High Yield Notes
About the note - Publication


Structured Products in Danske Bank

Increase the flexibility in your portfolio

Structured Products combine traditional financial instruments to increase flexibility and to tailor products to your return- and risk profile. The return of Structured Products can depend on one single asset or a combination of several assets/asset classes (stocks, interest rates, credit, FX, inflation etc.). Irrespective of your view on the market, it will be possible to tailor a solution where it is possible to earn returns in flat or even falling markets. Structured Products are also a way to offer access to investments that are not easily accessible (in terms of markets, asset classes, topics etc.). Thereby, Structured Products are an efficient, flexible and transparent investment vehicle for bespoke client portfolio solutions. Investment in Structured Products is also complex and associated with risk.

Danske Bank offers Structured Products on a regular basis and would be pleased to look into how this investment solution could fit your risk- and return profile.

Please contact us to hear more. 

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