New security solution

What is eSafeID?

What is eSafeID?
eSafeID is a two-factor authentication solution, which means that it is based on two elements – something you know (your personal password) and something you have (your eSafeID device that generates security codes).
Logging on to Danske eBanking with eSafeID is a two-step process:
  • Enter your user ID and your personal password
  • Enter the code generated by the eSafeID device

As long as you have your eSafeID device with you, you can log on to Danske eBanking using any computer and Internet browser.
How to get an eSafeID security solution

  • You will receive a new user ID, a temporary password, an electronic eSafeID device, and information about the security solution by post shortly before you are to switch to the new security solution.

See Q&As about eSafeID.

Technical requirements

Some technical requirements that you should be aware of

If your computer is a recent model, you will be able to use our website and Danske eBanking without problems. But to get the most out of our products, there are some technical requirements that you should be aware of.

Browser and operating system
Your browser is the program you use for displaying websites. We have tested the browsers and operating systems listed below for all functions in Danske eBanking

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 
​Browser ​Support
​Internet Explorer 11 or later ​Yes
​Firefox Latest version ​Yes
​Google Chrome Latest version ​Yes
Edge Latest version ​Yes

Apple macOS  Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra,  High Sierra
(10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.13)

Browser ​Support
​Safari Latest version ​Yes
​Firefox Latest version ​Yes
​Google Chrome Latest version ​Yes

Linux Ubuntu Latest version 
Browser ​Support
Firefox Latest version ​No

Screen resolution requirements
The resolution and size of your monitor screen affect the appearance of web pages. We design our website and online banking solutions for a screen resolution of 1024x768 pixels. If your screen resolution is inferior to this standard, you will see a scrollbar on the right-hand side and at the bottom of the screen. Use the scrollbar to view the entire page.

Other requirements
To get the full benefit from our website and Danske eBanking, your computer needs the following programs:
Adobe Reader (
Adobe Flash Player (


Here you can find questions and answers about Danske eBanking

​To read more about the requirements for using Danske eBanking, or to find out whether your computer has the required programs, go to Technical Requirements or Check Your Computer.

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Call Customer Support if you have any questions about Danske eBanking

eBanking Help Desk is part of Danske Bank’s Customer Support in Copenhagen. When calling Customer Support, you are not obliged to give any confidential information, such as name or address, in order to get help with your eBanking agreement. Your call will not be recorded.

Please call Danske eBanking help desk on +352 46 12 75 550 (all times are CET)
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