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Danske eBanking offers online access to your account so you can manage your finances anywhere, any time.

  • Keep track of your balances, asset allocation and portfolio loans
  • Manage your payments and transfers
  • Trade 15,000 securities on 20 markets
  • Keep your emails securely stored and always available in the electronic mailbox
  • See the latest market updates and follow financial news and analyses

For more information regarding the use of eBanking, see our Terms of Business.

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Questions and answers - eBanking

  • How do I get access to eBanking?
    To register for eBanking, please contact us. We will open an account for you and send you your log on details.
  • How to log on for the first time as a new user?

    For your first logon, you will need your user ID, temporary PIN and eSafeID device to set up your eBanking access.

    Please follow the instructions below:

    • Click to activate your eSafeID.
    • Enter user ID and temporary PIN and click 'Continue'.
    • Press 'Send' and you will receive an activation code via SMS.
      If your phone number is not registered, you must choose another activation method. See help info on the screen.
    • Follow the instructions on the page. Click ‘Continue to Log on’, and you are ready to log on to eBanking.
  • What if I have forgotten my password or UserID?

    If you have forgotten your password (4-digit code), you need to contact us to order a temporary replacement password. When you receive the temporary code and log on, you will be prompted to change it to a personal code.

    If you have forgotten your User ID, please contact us .

  • My eBanking access has been blocked. How do I get it unblocked?
    If you have entered your password incorrectly four times, your access is blocked. Please contact us and we will send you a temporary code. When you log on with the temporary code, you are prompted to change it to a personal code.
  • Are there differences between Mobile Banking and eBanking?
    Yes, Danske Mobile Bank is designed for convenience, providing you with access to your accounts and allowing you to make transfers and trade securities while you are on the move. eBanking is more extensive and provides additional functions such as the electronic mailbox, market news and analysis data from Danske Bank, Wall Street On Demand and Investment Terminal. You can also manage you standing orders.
  • Does it cost anything to use Danske eBanking?
    Danske Bank eBanking is free of charge. Normal charges will apply to trades, transfers and agreements of additional services such as financial analysis via Investment Terminal.
  • Can I use Danske eBanking on tablets?
    Yes, you can log on to eBanking on your tablet by using an internet browser (go to www.danskebank.lu).
  • Is eBanking secure?

    Danske Bank aims to provide online banking solutions with a very high level of security and we are constantly developing our security systems, so they comply with current practice.

    You can choose to save your User ID on the log-on screen by tapping 'Remember User ID'. This does not affect the security as the User ID will not be shown (only your name will show) and you must still enter your personal password and eSafeID code to log on. As an extra security factor, you will be prompted to enter your password when making payments to third parties and when trading securities.

    Keep in mind security precautions when you use online banking:

    • Be careful about which wireless network you connect to
    • Make sure that you do not ignore warnings such as 'server's certificate cannot be validated'
    • Avoid accepting and installing software that rouses suspicion or comes from people or organizations you do not know or trust
    • Protect your device with a password and automatic lock after a few minutes without use, never install unauthorized software
  • Do I need to log out of the eBanking?
    To protect your personal and account information, we recommend that you always log off when you have finished using the app. eBanking will automatically log off after 10 minutes.
  • What if I lose my device or it is stolen?
    As long as your log on details are secure, no one else can access your eBanking data. However, if you suspect that someone has intercepted your User ID, password or your eSafeID, please contact the eBanking helpdesk immediately.
  • Questions about eBanking
    Contact eBanking helpdesk at +352 46 12 75 550

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