Log on to eBanking

  • Log on to eBanking for the first time as a new user

    For your first logon, you will need your user ID, temporary PIN and eSafeID device to set up your eBanking access.

    Please follow the instructions below:
    • Click to activate your eSafeID.
    • Enter user ID and temporary PIN and click 'Continue'.
    • Press 'Send' and you will receive an activation code via SMS.
      If your phone number is not registered, you must choose another activation method. See help info on the screen.
    • Follow the instructions on the page. Click ‘Continue to Log on’, and you are ready to log on to eBanking.

  • Log on to eBanking

    You need your password, user ID and eSafeID device each time you want to log on to eBanking.
    To log on, please follow the instructions below.

    • Go to danskebank.lu
    • Click 'Log on' in the top right corner, and choose  'eBanking Luxembourg'. Enter your user ID and password, and click 'Continue'.  
    • Enter a security code from your eSafeID device, and click 'Continue'.
    • You are now logged on to eBanking.
  • Log on to Mobile Bank

    How do I log on to Mobile Bank?
    You will receive three log on elements once we register you for eBanking; an 8-digit UserID, a temporary 4-digit password, and an eSafeID token which generates a 6-digit security code. You will have to activate your eBanking account first to get access to Mobile Bank.

    To access Mobile Bank, download the app in App Store or Google Play. Search for “Mobile Bank Lu”. Open the app and Log on with your UserID, password and eSafeID security code.

    As you are installing the Mobile Bank app on your smartphone, the system will ask if you wish to activate fingerprint recognition for login. The activation requires you to insert your user identification (your 8-digit code) with your eSafe identification (your 6-digit code). After you have activated the fingerprint recognition, you will no longer need to use eSafe token to login. Note that, for security reasons, activating the fingerprint recognition will prevent you to use the Mobile Bank in any other device.
  • Your password

    Enter the temporary PIN you have received by letter in the password field.

    When you activate your eSafeID, you will have to set a password that contains at least 4 characters, including one number.

    Read more about password and temporary PIN

  • Your user ID

    When you establish an agreement, you get a user ID. The assigned user ID is stated in the agreement document appendix. If you do not have the appendix, you can retrieve your user ID in the following ways:

    • In the letter you received together with the eSafeID device.
    • Call Customer Support.

    Read more about user ID.

  • eBanking on your computer

    Normally you can log on and use eBanking without any technical problems using the standard settings in your browser. However, if you get errors after log on, it may help to delete the temporary internet files in your browser. Also your browser needs to allow the use of session cookies.

    How to delete temporary Internet Files

    How to allow session cookies

    What are the technical requirements for eBanking?
    If your computer is a recent model, you normally will be able to use our website and eBanking system without any technical problems.
    See our Technical Requirements page for a detailed overview.