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Manage your finances on the go

Take your finances with you wherever you go with the Danske Mobile Bank app. Secure login with your fingerprint guarantees easy access to an instant overview of your accounts. Trading, making transfers and contacting your dedicated private banker has never been so simple.

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See an instant overview of your finances, including all of your accounts and transactions.

Money transfers

Pay bills and transfer money to accounts all over the world. Easy and convenient while on the go.


View your portfolios and transactions, and trade securities.


Manage all your cards and quickly block and replace them when you need to.

View your PIN

View your PIN in Mobile Bank under Cards.

Market updates

Monitor market movements and create a personalised list of stocks and shares.

My Finances

Access a summary of your portfolio’s different asset classes and liabilities.


Electronic mailbox

Read and organise emails in your electronic mailbox.

Contact us

Send secure messages to your advisor.

For more information regarding the use of our Mobile Bank, see our Terms of Business.

Terms of Business

Questions and answers - Mobile Bank

  • How do i get access to Mobile Bank ?

    When you register for eBanking you will also get access to Mobile Bank. To register for eBanking, please contact us.

  • How do I log on to Mobile Bank?

    You will receive three log on elements once we register you for eBanking; an 8-digit UserID, a temporary 4-digit password, and an eSafeID token which generates a 6-digit security code. You will have to activate your eBanking account first to get access to Mobile Bank.

    To access Mobile Bank, download the app in App Store or Google Play. Search for “Mobile Bank Lu”. Open the app and Log on with your UserID, password and eSafeID security code. 

    As you are installing the Mobile Bank app on your smartphone, the system will ask if you wish to activate fingerprint recognition for login. The activation requires you to insert your user identification (your 8-digit code) with your eSafe identification (your 6-digit code). After you have activated the fingerprint recognition, you will no longer need to use eSafe token to login. Note that, for security reasons, activating the fingerprint recognition will prevent you to use the Mobile Bank in any other device

  • What if I have forgotten my password or User ID?

    If you have forgotten your password (4-digit code), you need to contact us to order a temporary replacement password. When you receive the temporary code and log on, you will be prompted to change it to a personal code.

    If you have forgotten your User ID, please contact us.

  • My eBanking access has been blocked, how do I get it unblocked?

    If you have entered your password incorrectly four times, your access is blocked. Please contact us and we will send you a temporary code. When you log on with the temporary code, you will be prompted to change it to a personal code.

  • What to do if I have problems using the app?

    I cannot find the app in App Store

    Search for “Mobile Bank Lu” in App Store or Google Play.

    Problems downloading or using the app on the telephone or tablet

    Try one of the following:

    • Restart the app (iOS & Android)
    • Restart the phone (iOS & Android)
    • Update the general software of your device
    • Update the app to its newest version. All updates are either automatically installed or available on App Store or Google Play, depending on your settings.
    • Empty the app cache (Android): Settings - Mobile Bank - Storage - Clear data
    • Check if you can log-on using a web browser (internet). If you cannot log-on via the web browser either, there might be a problem with your UserID, PIN code or token. Please contact us for help.
  • Are there differences between Mobile Bank and eBanking?

    Yes, Danske Mobile Bank is designed for convenience, providing you with access to your accounts and allowing you to make transfers and trade securities while you are on the move. eBanking is more extensive and provides additional functions such as the electronic mailbox, market news and analysis data from Danske Bank, Wall Street On Demand and Investment Terminal.

  • Mobile Bank functionalities
    • My finances: Overview your total holdings and asset allocation.
    • Custody: View the balance of your custody account, details about your investments, and transactions for the last 3 years.
    • Watchlist: Create and follow your own list of securities. Add securities by tapping on the '+' button, you can then search and select the relevant security to add to your watchlist. If you already have securities listed within your watchlist tap 'edit' first and then tap the '+' button.
    • Market: Check the market indices for equities, bonds, funds and commodities. Tip: By tapping the 'sort' button, you can rearrange the market index listing by dragging the relevant market index into the preferred order and then press 'Approve'.
    • Alerts: Create alerts to be notified of security prices by e-mail or sms, on a regular basis or when reaching a certain price.
    • Trade: Buy and sell securities, normal trading charges will apply. The quoted price will depend on if you place the order as an ‘Immediate trade’, ‘Market order’ or ‘Market order with limit’. For Immediate trades, you will get the exact price you see when you place the order. When placing Market orders you get an indicative price, which means that it may not be the price you receive. These indicative prices are updated every 15 minutes. If you do Market orders with limit, you choose yourself the price at which the order will be placed.
    • Account: Check the balance of your money market accounts and see a list of your MasterCard transactions for the last 13 months. Tip: Press the 'Sort' button to rearrange your account listing, drag your accounts on the screen into the preferred order and then press 'Save'. You can also change the name of your accounts by selecting each account, click the three dots in the top right corner and then Account name.
    • Mastercard: Overview of your Mastercard. Change geoblocking on card,
    • Transfer: Transfer money or pay bills. Edit or delete future transfers and payments.
    • Currency: View the currency exchange rates and use the currency converter.
    • Secure Mail: View mail from the bank and send mail to the bank
    • Contact: Keep your Private Banker, eBanking help desk and card blocking service on speed dial.
    • Find us: Find the nearest Danske Bank branch or ATM

    The following services are available also without logging on: Market, Watchlist, Currency, Contact and Find us.

  • Does it cost anything to use Danske eBanking and Mobile Bank?

    Mobile Bank is free of charge. Normal charges will apply to trades, transfers and agreements of additional services such as financial analysis via Investment Terminal.

  • Is Mobile Bank secure?

    Danske Bank aims to provide online banking solutions with a very high level of security and we are constantly developing our security systems, so they comply with current practice.

    You can choose to save your User ID on the log-on screen by tapping 'Remember User ID'. This does not affect the security, as the User ID will not be shown (only your name will show) and you must still enter your personal password to log on. As an extra security factor, you will be prompted to enter your password when making payments to third parties and when trading securities.

    Keep in mind security precautions when you use online banking:

    • Be careful about which wireless network you connect to
    • Make sure that you do not ignore warnings such as 'server's certificate cannot be validated'
    • Avoid accepting and installing software that rouses suspicion or comes from people or organizations you do not know or trust

    Protect your device with a password and automatic lock after a few minutes without use, never install unauthorized software

  • Do I need to log out of the Mobile Bank?

    To protect your personal and account information, we recommend that you always log off when you have finished using the app. Mobile Bank will automatically log off after 5 minutes.

  • What if I lose my device or it is stolen?

    As long as your log on details are secure, no one else can access your eBanking data. However, if you suspect that someone has intercepted your User ID, password or your eSafeID, please contact the eBanking helpdesk immediately.

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