Investment Solutions

Strategy to fit your needs

Our solutions are tailored to you. You can decide whether you want to manage your investments yourself or work with your investment specialist.

Discretionary Portfolio Management – Danske Bank invests for you

If you would prefer not to spend time managing your investments, Discretionary Portfolio Management is the solution for you.

Investment specialists monitor and actively manage your investments in your best financial interests. You save time and know that your portfolio is safe.

Investing your assets in bonds, equities and alternative investments provides both stability and the potential of a higher return. You can choose between three different options, depending on your investment horizon and risk appetite.

Advisory Investment Service – We invest together

If you would prefer to receive professional advice on your investments, our Advisory Investment Service could be right for you. You can make your own investment decisions but an investment specialist would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

We will advise you on the financial markets and make proactive recommendations in line with your investment strategy. We can tailor our level of involvement to your preferences.

You will have access to a wide range of global opportunities to invest in instruments such as bonds, equities, funds and ETFs. We also offer more sophisticated products such as hedge funds, futures and options, and the possibility to hedge and leverage your investment portfolio.


Custody Accounts – You invest independently

If you would prefer to manage your investments alone, you can do so through our Mobile Bank app and eBanking service. Access a complete overview of your accounts and performance and trade global securities at any time.

Our investment products

  • Bonds and equities
  • Active managed funds
  • Passive managed funds
  • Hedge funds
  • Theme funds
  • Options and futures
  • Currencies 
  • Hedging and leverage
  • Discretionary management

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