Do you dream of owning a second home in Portugal, expanding your business to new markets or sending your children to school abroad? Living and working in multiple countries is more accessible now than ever before in our hyper-connected world. However, increased connectivity means enhanced regulation and an ever-expanding responsibility to share information with financial authorities.

International wealth management involves complying with different tax systems while mitigating the risk of double taxation, understanding restrictions, and finding the right solutions that will help you preserve your wealth. That’s why it’s vitally important to be well-prepared when moving your home and assets to another country.

At Danske Bank International, we draw on a wealth of expertise to help you achieve your vision. Our in-depth knowledge of international financial opportunities and the challenges that come with an international lifestyle mean that we’re well-placed to guide you.

Danske Bank International is the largest international Nordic bank with close ties to the home markets. When it comes time for you to return to your home in the Nordics, we can help you connect with the right people to ensure a smooth transition.

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